Speed cleaning is not about doing things perfectly. It is about lowering the workload and stress while offering a welcoming environment for visitors, even if they’re your loved ones. This is particularly true during the holidays. Hosting a holiday meal shouldn’t be about spending hours cleaning your house. It should be enjoyable.  

If you’re planning to host a holiday meal and you don’t want to hire a house cleaning Reno company to do the job for you, here are a couple of tips you can follow: 

Tidy Areas 

If your cabinets are empty, your kitchen will appear clean. That’s why you should get rid of additional appliances and place them inside your cabinets. Clean the sink and wipe the stove and counters. Spot clean any spills and sweep your floors. Every carpeted area should be vacuumed and swept as required.  

Load the Dishwasher 

Place every single thing in the dishwasher as long as it fits. If required, you can reorganize it later. This includes getting rid of the pans and pots to hand wash them. It is always stressful to have dirty dishes pile up and a dishwasher filled with clean dishes. Thus, you shouldn’t run it unless you’ve got the time to unload it. Simply keep filling the dishwasher and deal with it later on. 

Make Your Bed 

You can make your room appear cleaner instantly if you make your bed. This will also help you feel a lot better. If you want your family members to participate, you can make it a contest to see who could make their bed the fastest or the best lookingYou can also add a prize such as an additional dessert for the winner. If your kid wins the contest, you can give him/her more time to play a game. Just make sure the prize works for your loved ones.  

Utilize Multipurpose Wipes 

Wipes are a quick method to tidy everything, from toilet seats to countertops. All you’ve got to do is to wipe and get rid of them. You don’t have to use rags or cleaners. This will help you clean a lot faster. Utilize the wipes to dust high visibility areas. Also, you can skip the spots that your visitors won’t notice.  

Before you do any other cleaning, use a squirt cleaner in your toilet. Next, utilize a brush to clean the bowl quickly after you do everything else.  

Hide Your Items 

You have to move fast with your timer going. You shouldn’t worry about getting everything in the correct area. Make a temporary fix by picking up clutter and hiding it inside your laundry basket, a box, or the trash. Make sure you place it inside something that you can hide easily inside your garage or closet. Place stacks of catalogs, mail, or other paper clutter inside a drawer.  

Make it Fun 

Set a timer and put on fun music. This will help you keep it upbeat and you will move fast. Keep in mind that you’re just doing a touch-up. You aren’t doing a deep cleaning