You might be thinking about what would be the best type of flooring that you could put to your home. Well, there are various options that you could choose from and they are very much available and out in the market for you. There are also professionals who can help you with the type of flooring that you will decide to put in your home like hardwood flooring Portland Oregon. We definitely suggest that you should not only consult the internet with your question but you should also choose to talk to professionals who specialize on flooring so that they could directly tell you the advantages and disadvantages of certain types of flooring. They are not called experts for no reason; they possess knowledge and skills on this area and you should trust them for that because that is what they are good at. It definitely pays to listen to the right people.  

Trusting non-professionals in the field of flooring could get you absolutely nowhere. It would just cause damage and harm to your entire home. So, we suggest that you value the advice of professionals. If you are a person who is looking for something cozy but still elegant looking then you should choose and go for hardwood floors. They are the perfect match for your home because the wood look can be both cozy and elegant at the same time so it would be perfect if you have a modern looking home or it could also look nice if you decide for a cabin-feel home.  

Hardwood flooring is definitely so great to look at; they are eye candies that many people could appreciate but they need love and attention regularly. And if you really want to achieve that cozy yet elegant look then you should go for it but you should also learn how to properly take care of hardwood floors.  We are here to tell you how: 

  1. Reapply Finishing  

The finishing of your hardwood floors must be reapplied after five years maximum so that it will return to its original shine and so that it will look like brand new all over again. This could also help in the strength and durability of your flooring if you reapply finishing after a couple of years.  

  1. Dry then Wet 

This is the format that you should follow in cleaning your floors. First, remove the debris by sweeping it or vacuuming it then you could work with the wet substance to wipe the floors because if you do not do this, you could scratch your floors.  

  1. Add Carpet 

If you want to add some decoration into your home, choose one that would be beneficial to the aesthetic of the home and at the same time protect your flooring. The best decorative piece you could purchase is a carpet or a rug. The softness of the carpet or rug can protect the hardwood floors from being scratched by anything such as furniture legs or toys of your kids.  

If you do the things mentioned above, your hardwood floors will still look very nice after many years.